PET W & G celebrated Students´day

Posted on octubre 18, 2017



We divided the classroom into 5 different “corners” which students were able to visit and work with:


  • ART CORNER: Students read some tutorials in order to make different art crafts such as dream catchers, mosaics, mini agendas, mandalas or mobiles.
  • BRAIN TEASERS AND RIDDLES CORNER: In this corner students had to read the riddles and think about the answers.
  • READING CORNER: Students were able to choose from magazines and books to enjoy some silent reading.
  • BOARD GAMES CORNER: Students played with board games and had lots of fun! The boys were really concentrated playing CLUE!
  • WORD GAMES CORNER: Students played some games on the board, such as hangman, word wheels and vocabulary line. The boys were really good at these games

It was an entertaining and amusing day.  Kids took joy in it!