FCE II W: The importance of creating posters as visual aids

Posted on abril 18, 2018



During March FCE II went over some important grammatical points from previous years. In order to make this process more meaningful, we have prepared some colourful posters.


Why ?




  • Posters can have quite a positive effect on the process of learning. The best advantage of poster making is that it facilitates team work and understanding along with facilitating creative thinking and extensive research and reading.
  • It provides students with an opportunity to learn by doing, in turn strengthening the learning process.
  • Students are able to visually represent the key points, which facilitate retention and recall of events and facts.
  • Poster making and presentation is also an effective tool for evaluating the students’ knowledge and creates opportunities for active discussion and participation.
  • Be it the traditional posters or technologically advanced computer presentations, poster making and presentations can actively engage students in their learning process.